Yörsan, which has left its mark in the memories for many years with its milk, buttermilk, yogurt, butter, cream and cheese varieties, is preparing to meet its consumers again with Matlı assurance. Since 1964, Yörsan has been bringing the most delicious forms of milk to the table, and its facilities in Susurluk have been under the Matlı Group of Companies since 2022. With a daily raw milk processing capacity of 1,500 tons, the facility is one of the top 5 producers in Turkey. Matlı is bringing Yörsan’s products, which have been renewed by staying true to the traditional flavors of Yörsan, back to the market shelves.
After launching Turkey’s first white cheese factory in 1984, Yörsan continued to break new ground. Yörsan was the first brand to offer Turkey’s first creamy pan yogurt and home yogurt for sale. Yörsan has become one of the most popular brands in the milk and dairy products category with its nearly 200 product varieties and local flavors.
Combining Yörsan’s accumulation of experience from tradition to the future with nearly 60 years of experience in agriculture and animal husbandry, Matlı ensures the flavor guarantee of its products from the source of milk. As Turkey’s No. 1 feed producer, Matlı also carries out innovative studies with its Ömer Matlı Academy for efficient and high quality milk production with the right nutrition. Matlı, which ensures the quality of animal feeds while they are still in the soil, produces corn seed used in feeds in cooperation, and provides qualified raw materials through licensed storage activities.
Matlı, which started its journey from the soil to the tables with the production of milk and dairy products by purchasing Yörsan facilities, transforms the quality milk obtained from milking cows fed with herbal feeds produced by itself into unique flavors by shaping it in Yörsan facilities by expert hands in traditional methods.
Matlı aims to be the first choice of consumers in meeting their protein needs by supporting its experience in milk and egg production with different investments.
Matlı Group of Companies
Matlı, which ranks first in feed production with its 9 factories in Turkey and is one of the top 5 producers in Turkey in egg production with its capacity of 785,000 chicks and 2,150,000 chickens in Karacabey, has been in the retail sector since 2010. As of 2023, with the acquisition of Keskinoğlu Tavukçuluk, one of the biggest brands of Akhisar opening to the world, Matlı also stepped into white meat production. Keskinoğlu, Turkey’s first and only fully integrated poultry organization, continues its production activities in a total of 104 poultry houses in 10 different locations. Keskinoğlu, which has 170 different types of products with a daily egg processing capacity of over 3 million eggs and 400 thousand pieces of chicken meat in 3 different fully integrated egg processing facilities certified by European standards in Akhisar, produces 30 thousand tons of production annually in its advanced processing facility. It produces 95 million broiler chickens and raises 2.5 million pullets annually. The facility also offers pasteurized eggs processed in fully automatic machines to the market as white, yellow and whole upon request. Ravika olive oil, which was started to be produced in 2005 as a boutique sub-brand of Keskinoğlu, is produced with a daily capacity of 30 tons in a facility built on an open area of 12,800 m² and a closed area of 3,495 m².
Continuing its activities in 7 regions of our country with 19 companies, 16 brands, 1 R&D Center, more than 10 thousand suppliers, more than 6 thousand employees and nearly 1000 dealers in 81 provinces, Matlı ranks 117th in the list of Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry with its Proyem company in feed production. Having made its last investment in Diyarbakır for feed production, Matlı is preparing to open its 10th feed factory in Niğde. Thanks to the 15.2 MW solar energy systems (SPP) installed in its facilities, it generates 25,320,893 kWh of energy per year and meets 20% of its energy needs with clean energy.
Matlı Tarım Ürünleri Lisanslı Depoculuk A.Ş., which is a part of the Group, operates as the 6th largest company in Turkey with its structure that enables authorized classifiers to determine the classes and grades of the products produced by farmers. With a total storage capacity of 404 thousand tons in 6 regions, the company continues to grow with branch openings and capacity increases.
Matlı, which also incorporates one of Turkey’s largest integrated fattening enterprises, carries out conscious animal husbandry practices for quality milk and dairy products at its fattening farm in Bandırma with a capacity of 30 thousand head of fattening cattle, as well as its thousand-head dairy farms in Yenişehir and Thrace.
With Bağyurdu fruit and agricultural products company, our company implements good agricultural practices in the production of grapes, plums and cherries to develop export-oriented products. Agroglobal Tarım Ürünleri Dış Ticaret A.Ş. carries out Matlı’s domestic and international commercial operations for the supply of timely and standard products and produces fertilizers, seeds and complementary feeds for growers. For pets, it manufactures cat and dog food from raw materials that it procures directly from the producer and is sure of its quality.
In addition to its investments in logistics and cold storage to ensure timely and high quality product delivery from producers to suppliers, our company also manages operations that will reduce the costs of producers and suppliers with the Yeşil-Beyaz fuel facility in Konya. Our company also carries out infrastructure works in the field of industry with the İzmir Aliağa Bağyurdu OIZ investment.
Since 2006, our company has been conducting research and training activities in the fields of animal care, nutrition and health for efficient milk production within Ömer Matlı Academy. He develops new products at the R&D Center he established within Matlı Süt in 2023.
Matlı informs women producers about clean and efficient milk production with the right equipment and methods and supports women to become entrepreneurs. Matlı attaches importance to education and established Ömer Matlı Primary School and Ulviye Matlı Science High School, and provides internship, scholarship and employment opportunities for students studying agriculture at Hamidiye Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.
The foundations of Yörsan were laid in 1964 with the establishment of Yörükler Gıda Limited Company. In 1979, Yörsan AŞ was established with the purchase of a dairy farm in Susurluk and the commissioning of the dairy products factory built in 1984. Bringing consumers together with products developed for those who love traditional cheese varieties and those who cannot give up local flavors, Yörsan reached taste lovers with its strong sales network all over Turkey. In addition to its wide range of products, Yörsan holds the title of the company with the largest variety of products in the cheese sector, and in addition to its domestic market share, Yörsan has also exported abroad on a large scale. Aiming to become a global brand, Yörsan has exported to more than 20 countries in the milk and dairy products sector, including America, Japan, Northern Cyprus, Iraq and Azerbaijan. Yörsan, whose commercial tradition dates back to 1908, has adopted the principle of offering quality and delicious products to its consumers with healthy and hygienic production conditions since its establishment. Ensuring the continuity of the tradition of milk and dairy products produced in Turkey, introducing them to the world and protecting this cultural heritage has been the main company policy and mission of Yörsan.