YÖRSAN is launching a social media interactive awareness campaign with the slogan “did you drink milk today?” on World Milk Day.
June 1st is celebrated as milk day all over the world. Yörsan, the brand of memorable flavors, celebrates this day by taking action for milk. On World Milk Day, it calls on people of all ages to drink milk with the slogan “Did you drink milk today?“. Aiming to draw attention to the importance of milk for a healthy generation, Yörsan invites everyone to drink milk for their own health and happiness and to share this pleasure. By sharing posts with the hashtag “Did you drink milk today?”, Yörsan is launching an awareness campaign on social media for its followers to invite their friends to drink milk as well.
Starting on June 1, World Milk Day, Yörsan will share content about the health benefits of drinking milk every day and remind its followers to drink milk. The benefits of milk are achieved through regular and balanced consumption. Drinking milk every day protects the body against many different diseases, especially thanks to its phosphorus and magnesium content. Milk, which is especially important for the bone development of children in the developmental age, is also a preventive measure against osteoporosis in later ages. For this reason, it is aimed to draw attention to the regular consumption of milk by people of all ages.
The source of milk is also of great importance for health. Yörsan obtains milk under hygienic conditions from cows carefully fed with herbal feed. The milk is shaped in its most natural form by skillful hands, transformed into nutritious products and delivered to tables in good health.
Every stage of the journey of Yörsan products from soil to table is meticulously managed with the principle of “quality products for healthy generations”. Operating under the Matlı Group of Companies, which has the widest supply chain management with its conscious animal husbandry, nutrition expertise and experience in agriculture, Yörsan reflects this experience to its product quality.
Yörsan benefits from the results of the research and training activities of Ömer Matlı Dairy Farm and Ömer Matlı Academy in the fields of animal care, nutrition and health, with the awareness that conscious feeding is essential for quality milk supply. At the Matlı Süt R&D Center, Matlı starts to work on developing new products while remaining faithful to their traditional taste.
Social responsibility projects are carried out within the group to ensure that milk, which is the source of Yörsan products, is produced correctly and efficiently and that dairy farming is sustainable. Matlı Livestock Academy veterinarians travel from village to village to provide training to farmers and breeders. Women’s participation in economic life is supported, and women breeders are provided with equipment and training support for “clean milk” production.
The basis of a healthy diet is the creation of a sustainable model in which young generations can take part in the development of conscious agriculture and animal husbandry. To this end, the Group cooperates with Hamidiye Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which was opened on March 21, 1891 under the name “Hamidiye Agricultural School”. Young people who build their future on agriculture and animal husbandry are provided with internships, scholarships, technical trips, training and employment opportunities.