Our vision is to create an active, prestigious and preferred ‘high quality dairy brand (Yörsan)’ in target markets with the contribution and support of our business partners located all around the world.

Yörsan abroad

Being one of the largest dairy producers of Turkey with its almost 50-years old history, Yörsan has been offering its delicious products to consumers of various countries for more than 25 years.

Today, Yörsan has a ‘ Regular Export Markets’ portfolio of more than 20 countries including Japan, Singapore, Kuwait, Iraq, USA, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Northern Cyprus.

Apart from the content of the standard product range already appreciated by the consumers in existing export markets, Yörsan also focuses on ‘local product development’ for different traditions in different countries. This point is one of the key factors distinguishing Yörsan from other Turkish producers.

The next stage for Yörsan will be to invest in representative offices & logistics centers located in various target markets in order to be able to monitor, analyze and react locally & regularly.


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