As a leader producer of dairy products in Turkey, we do not compromise our principles of honesty and trust of our suppliers and customers in order to carry Yörsan brand into the future. Honesty is the basis of Yörsan’s quality management policy.

In this regard; we carry out our works of management system’s revision, development and optimization ceaselessly by foregrounding our employees’ health and safety and being environmentally conscious in production of dairy products.

TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate

Yörsan is the first dairy company which obtained TSE EN ISO 9000 quality standard certificate in 1997.
Customer satisfaction is provided by applying Quality Management System which targets to develop continually and contains all phases of value chain from R&D to aftermarket. Customer reliance is provided by applying quality in each phase, while establishing, development of sense of quality, employees’ satisfaction and in production, efficiency is ensured.

TS ISO EN 22000 Food Safety Management System Certificate

It is the food safety system which enables to produce reliable food that comply with certain norms. It is achieved by making analyses in each phase of value chain beginning with supplying raw material, food preparing, processing, production, packaging, storing and logistic beginning with supplying raw material in a food chain, by protecting the system which determines critical control points where necessary and preventing any problem following these points without occurring.

TS EN ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certificate

In accordance with our environment policy and goals, we keep our production environmentally conscious by controlling impacts of our operations and products to the environment. National and international regulations are fulfilled, accidents and such incidents do not happen being prepared for emergency and accidents, environmental pollution is decreased getting under control beginning from the source by enforcing Environment Management System.

TS EN ISO 17025 Laboratory Competency Certificate

Our quality maintaining laboratory obtained Laboratory Competency Certificate in 2004. Yörsan is the first dairy company which has Laboratory Competency Certificate in dairy sector and one of the first pioneering companies entitled to obtain this certificate in food sector. It is pointed that a management system is applied, this system is technically sufficient and valid technical results are provided in our quality maintaining laboratory by fulfilling all the conditions of Laboratory Competency Certificate. This certificate is the assurance of quality that is provided in all phases of production and products.

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